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Questions of Horror #3: Which Horror Films Will We Never Watch (Again)?

December 3, 2021

Kirsty and Dan ponder the horror films they've decided never to go near, and the reasons behind their choice.  Elsewhere, Howard returns - for the first time over Zoom - to delve into the Bag of Death.


00.00.41 Intro with Dan

00.04.55 The Bag of Death with Howard

00.25.46 The Question of Horror with Kirsty

01.24.28 Recommendations with Dan


Recommendations and Relevant Links

Val Lewton's Cat People: Beyond the Shadows and The Horror Films of Val Lewton are available to stream from Dark Corners Reviews' YouTube page

Cat People (1942), I Walked with a Zombie (1943) and The Curse of the Cat People (1944) are available to stream on the BBC iPlayer (in the Classic Films section)

Special thanks to Leah Marks.  The Voiceover Social Podcast can be heard here


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