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Writer Gemma Hurley on Host, genre on TV and loving folk horror

February 5, 2021

Kirsty, Stella, Dan and Ian have been raving about Host, last year's 'Zoom seance' movie from Shudder, almost since before it was released, and now they are blessed to be joined for a freewheeling chat by one of its writers, Gemma Hurley.  Gemma talks about the experience of writing that film, her rollercoaster 2020, the challenges of pitching genre material for TV in the UK, and why she loves folk horror.  Meanwhile, Howard calls in with another pick from The Bag of Death.


If you haven't yet seen Host, don't worry, the chat is spoiler-free - but why on Earth haven't you seen it yet?  It's out now on Blu-Ray and even VHS (although only in the USA).


For a those wishing to cultivate a folk horror vibe, watch The Imagined Village's John Barleycorn on YouTube (it's from their 2007 debut album, available from Real World Records) and our previous episodes on Witchcraft and Paganism, Parts One and Two


Heathers can currently be streamed via Shudder


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